News Matic News System Advantages
A brand new WordPress News Theme as a result of lengthy testing phase was finally ready. SEO ’cause water and ease of use with the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress will be the owner of a real news site. Area with plenty of advertising, Google-friendly and well optimized is intended for those who want a quick news site.
Google is friendly. Ping system added with the instant-news-search engines including Google are reported to be especially.

Advertising space has been increased. Gain earnings to each pixel of the screen to add değerlendirdik.birçok hazırladık.reklam advertising space on your admin panel, you will easily be able to control.

Multiple writers and editors can be assigned more than one admin staff who will work on your site, the ability to assign writers and editors are available.

Video and Photo Gallery
News website, which is indispensible Video and Photos practical applications for mevcuttur.tek time dozens upload images easily by Photo Albums oluş for your html assisted the editor you wish to embed codes çalıştırabilirsiniz.youtub, dailymotion,, İzlesene sites such as video on your site easily publish.

Comment System for your visitors For visitors on Internet news sites they like and comment on the news of the administration panel easily review yapabilir.b confirm your URL, you can delete, and edit operations.

Currency Exchange Rates Gold Actual money market data, ISE, Dollar and Euro prices are updated in real time.