Purchase and activation process is how it works ?

Product / Service after paying the price for our Account Number inform you by phone or via e-mail to the installation process can begin. You pay during working hours on site per installation can be completed within one day .

Software services are paid an annual fee for me ?

No, you will get news from our site for themes you have to pay only once is enough . Your domain lifetime license is made.

I received the product on multiple sites can I use ?

Sorry, the product you have received you can use only one domain name .

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders ?

Yes, at one time, given the multiple orders and dealer discount is applied in regular order .

Can I transfer my license to another domain name ?

Yes , your existing license was canceled at your request can be transferred to a new domain . This minimum amount per transaction fee is charged on the transaction .

Site management is easy , Do you offer support in this regard ?

Site administration panel of an average user can easily use the internet in a way that is prepared . Through video we have prepared the training kit will be able to quickly start managing your site . In addition, technical support will be provided free of charge for one year .

How many pieces of advertising space ,advertising space can be increased ?

Our theme between 10 and 20 are fixed advertising space , with components of these areas can be improved.

Do you make changes in the design that we want ?

Ready package you will receive through our website at additional cost extra conceptual and software that are able to make changes . Your request to our team for this style if you specify that you want the additional features you can get a price quote for this process .

Is open source software code ?

News of the software we use for special functions and the license file is an external open source . If you have knowledge of coding or non-coding will make the team if you have friends you can make changes on the system conceptual . You have the right to make changes to the codes .

Hosting / Server services from other companies can I get ?

Yes , as you can get hosting services from us ; PHP, MySQL and Linux hosting ioncube support you can get from any firm . Also the server , especially in terms of speed for News Sites Lite Speed ​​Server strongly recommend you to choose . Our technical team can get detailed information and advice about web hosting .

Together with the contents of the current systems software can transfer habermatik Do ?

Yes , send details of your existing site database and ftp if you are able to make the process of moving content . Depending on the size of your website data base duration of this process , and the price may vary. Process and price information can get detailed information about our team .

How is the transition from version ?

To switch to a higher version than the current version of each is sufficient to pay the difference between the two products . Version loss does not pass any of the content .