PHP News Site Specifications

  • Interface Design XHTML & CSS encoded.
  • Was kneaded with PHP & MySQL.
  • Was administered intra-site SEO.
  • The number of queries is minimized.
  • Theme Settings for easy admin panel was prepared.
  • Components (widgets) are supported.
  • Customizable advertising space is available.
  • News photos for easy usage (Special Area, issued Featured Visual and Default Image)
  • Automatic image resizing with timthumb (Cache supported)
  • jQuery Cuff System 2 Piece
  • Ajax login screen
  • Customizable Menus and Categories
  • Optional Sidebar (Side Menu) selection
News Matic Cuff System, you add a category you specify are habbe are published in headline automatically. For example, “All Headlines”, you create a category name to add to the category will be listed in all news headlines automatically. 12-15 in the news headlines are displayed. News headlines fields are displayed in the picture and headline news. Add to the picture if the news headlines the field is too large, the system automatically cropping the image size according to the area is about.

Your site content pages and categories are listed in two groups named. News category for as long as you can add your administration panel. You can also publish your news by selecting multiple categories.

In the Pages section, you can add content that is independent of these categories. Communication, Advertising and Editorial independent from categories such as single section can publish your content pages. Category and page insertion feature is unlimited. Hosting supported by your quota as long as you can add unlimited pages and news.

Columnists section, you add to your site, all authors are listed on the management panel. To add to the panel that columnists; adding information, such as the official biography of the author, and the author can create your custom page. Also in Columnists your profile page all the articles that have been published are listed.

You want to create your administration panel collectively all the pictures of the album by downloading can easily create image galleries.

Video Gallery section taken from video sharing sites such as YouTube videos using the embed code that you can add. Add your news to the editor section of the HTML embed code with HTML code that run through all the video sites you can add video to their sites.

Advertising in the fields as you can publish Flash and Image Ads on Google Adsense ads can publish. Advertising space division supports all HTML code. 10 units in the system as standard advertising space is available. Advertising space can be increased is in the format. Components with the support of advertising your site as long as you can add it to the right section.
The components of WordPress already have added 7 new components. You can equip your sidebar as you like with these components. Home page, news page, category & archive pages and individual pages are created separately for each sidebar. Thus, on the home page and internal pages will be able to use the components you wish. The features of your site’s ranking görmüşol right bölümünüde can change as you wish. The component you want active / passive able to make the process easily. Ajax technology developed by drag and drop method sidebar-by-side menu, you can equip in a pleasant way.
Rank high on the search engines with SEO support will be able to take place. Search Engine optimization is performed separately for each page-Meta Keywords Meta Description girebilirsiniz.böylelikl determine the keywords that will be advantageous in.